Lusso Cassona is the answer to your relocation needs: providing moving and mobility services to private or corporate entities, from and to Ghana. We promise & deliver consistent and reliable service across all our propositions. Welcome to your new home in Ghana!.

At Lusso Cassona, we ensure best practices are adopted consistently and effectively across our service lines, bringing industry leadership to benefit our professionals and clients. : We assist companies and individuals from A to Z with the process of settling in. We help expats feel comfortable in their new habitat in Ghana.


Our approach to serving clients is based on the idea of partner-led service, rather than partner directed service. And, because relationships matter to us, our team working with you is led by someone you see and deal with on a regular basis. This hands-on approach means we respond quickly and you don’t have to tell us things twice.

With one central point of contact, we ensure timely follow-up on all issues. We offer business advice, not just technical solutions. We listen to you and make sure we understand your unique requirements and then we provide tailored, specific advice. And, because we see ourselves as an extension of your team, we work with you to deliver our services on time and on budget.

Also important to our ability to provide exceptional client services is the fact that our team members operate in a supportive environment and are empowered to make decisions and raise and address issues before they impact your business.


“I can’t say enough about the professional service that Lusso Cassona provided during my recent move to Ghana. Whether you’re an expat or a first time home buyer, the importance of having a top rated firm on your side can not be understated, and to that end I would highly recommend Lusso Cassona to anyone. Faced with a tight timeline and all of the additional complications that come with an overseas move, they were right there to help make this a smooth transition. Extremely dedicated to the needs of his clients, it was obvious from our first meeting that they were willing to put in the time and effort to ensure we had a successful outcome.”

FRED J. HOWARDS  / Engineer


“When I needed a home, I came to Lusso Cassona based on the recommendation of a friend who was another one of his satisfied clients. At the end of the day, they were an essential part in making sure I was able to get the price I needed. I was able to receive the best value from my money. They are not only knowledgeable about the real estate market but has a realistic view of it and his experience, advice, and wisdom made the ups and downs of renting a home easier. Since then, Lusso Cassona and I have have kept in contact and when I have questions about properties anywhere in Accra, they are always prompt and responsive in their reply, insights, and analysis. Lusso Cassona is an extremely effective real estate firm and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

KAREN HOPES / Stock Analyst



We Listen

We listen to your particular needs. All we care is satisfying your primary goals of relocation and real estate.

We Win

You watch us exceed your expectations. Once you are satisfied, it boost our work force.

We Care

We care, all along. From our first chat to you moving in, we are here to ensure that you are safe and satisfied.



P.O.Box F158/6 No. 42 Orphans Crescent Street, Labone, Accra-Ghana